Topical Post 4 Unemployment

It damned difficult to get a job around these here parts. I briefly worked as a security guard for EOG. That job is a sanity test, they pay minimum wage to stand in one spot for 12 hours and do nothing. I briefly worked for Jimmy Johns but they sucked! When i worked for the one in Birmingham, I was averaging $75 a shift in tips. At the one in Mobile I averaged less than $10 in tip money every shift. I would go one two or three deliveries a shift. The absolute most money I ever made at the JJ in mobile was $23. The worst shift I ever had at the JJ in Birmingham I still made $37 in tips, and that was my first shift ever as a delivery driver so they took it way easy on me that night. I have worked for four years as a stage hand in Birmingham. I love building stages and setting up events, music is my passion so naturally I enjoy being in concert atmosphere. I did my research and found a union chapter down here and have contacted them multiple times. The manager isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. Talking to him on the phone was like talking to a llama through a soup can. He wasn’t intelligent enough to hold basic conversations. Someone please send me some love, I need a job immediately!


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