Topical Post 10 I Feel Summer Creeping In


It is hailing hell stones in mobile right now. I am trapped inside the Comms department and it feels… peaceful. There isn’t a place I’d rather be right now. The semester is at its tail end. I have learned much needed skills this semester. This class is especially going to help me when I’m thrown out into the real world. I have enjoyed blogging, it feels good to write things down that I’m thinking. I enjoy school and do not want it to end yet. The summer should bring much joy. Whoever is down to go the beach and start a funky freedom party, Let’s do it. Together we can explore the unknown. I have faith this city is moving towards the right direction, due to the big brains being molded in this fine department. Peace and love to all.



Topical Post 9 Pizza Underground


A couple months ago I experienced the greatest music spectacular Mobile has ever produced. It was a Velvet Underground cover band called Pizza Underground. Macaulay Culkin( the dude from Home Alone) was a member in the band. The Velvet Underground is a religion to me, I am emotional bothered by their music. It is so damn weird and wonderful, which makes everything good. They are viewed as ‘gutter rock’ they enjoy singing about transsexuals, cocaine and heroin. Pizza Underground has taken a positive spin on this approach. All of their songs are about pizza, and they have a guy called Anchovie Warhol. The opener was a comedian, and he killed it! I was front row having a ball, he was mingling with me. He asked if I was a college student, then grilled me with some intelligent jokes! The next act blew my mind. It was a band called Jack Blind. They rocked me heavy. The lead singer and keyboardist ended up being one of our dear classmates. This was electrifying to me, not only is someone taking hacks at my soul with this music, the guy that was doing it is in my classes. This was a neighbor, a classmate, a friend, zapping my brain with what I was searching for. After the show I felt like Mobile had turned a new leaf. I met many cool people that night that I was able to connect with. Ill choose any cheese for you, any cheese you want me to.

Topical Post 8 First Gig


Last night I played open mic night at Satori. I was nervous before I went on. The anticipation was getting the best of me. I have ADHD and do not take meds for it, so naturally I am fidgety. I probably made a few people think I’m a crazy, due to the amount of pacing I did throughout the joint. I started my set with Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala. No one there was a Tame Impala fan, no one had any idea what I was playing. I finished and started my second song, Im Sticking With You by the Velvet Underground. This was a good song selection, people started cheering after the first few words I sang. I finished up and got the hook. We are only allotted two songs, they are on a schedule due to the numerous amounts of acts. I was disappointed about this, no one informed me of the rules. I was gonna play five songs, with transitions between all of them. I practiced all week for that set, yet only played for five minutes. I was expecting to play at least 20. I shall return and play any open mic nights that I find around Mobtown.


Topical Post 7 Open Mic


Tonight I am playing open mic night at Satori. I am quite nervous, I have never played in front of people. I am playing my keyboard and singing. I am not much of a singer, but hell I am going to feel it out. I plan on playing three to four songs by bands including: Spoon, Tame Impala, The Velvet Underground, and the Doors(of course). I want to get it in tonight, I have been craving to play live. I need to mentally block out the crowd and share sweet love with music. It is difficult to play keys and sing at the same time. I do not know all the lyrics to all my songs so I am gonna wing it. Send some GOOD VIBES my way.

Topical Post 6 Campus Quarters

I am currently living at Campus Quarters. There are both pros and cons to living here. Some pros include: computer lab, weight room, pool, volleyball court, proximity to campus. Some cons include: They always slap you with overages (I do not use much energy and I only have one roommate), they make it difficult to pay rent (they wont except cash WTF!), and they have the ability to enter any apartment at any point unannounced. I do not plan on living there next year, the rent is 500 a month plus overages. The walls are paper thin, I can sit in my living room and hear the conversations of my neighbors if I listen. They are talking at normal volumes, so all privacy is eliminated. I do however appreciate that I can walk to campus for every class, that has saved me gas money!

Topical Post 5 Kicking Bad Habits

I am four months into a well-improved lifestyle. This New Years I made this needed change. I completely erased nicotine out of my life. This is my third year in college, I started smoking cigs in 7th grade. At that point it was rebellious, but it turned into a habit as I ventured through high school. I CHAIN smoked my freshman year of college at Montevallo. I slowed down a lot the next 2 years in college, but now I am tobacco less. I honestly thought it would be harder to go cold turkey than it really is. I have yet to use tobacco in 2014, and I do not have any cravings at all.

I also stopped using caffeine and eating out. I cook every single thing I eat, which has saved me tons of money over the long haul. Vegetables are nutritious, and they know hilarious jokes! I gain energy for my day through eating healthily and exercising. I exercise daily at least thirty minutes. I also quit drinking alcohol as often as I used to. Occasionally I will party, but it has lost its luster. I sometimes have a glass or two of wine at the end of the day, but I do not feel guilty for doing this. Wine is way better for the soul than miller high life or pabst blue ribbon (my go to college brews).

Reflection 5


On Tuesday we had a discussion that is terrifying. It was focused around cyber privacy and password schemas. We thoroughly discussed the NSA. I have had conversations with my buddies about this millions of times. This is the first time I’ve witnessed it discussed in a classroom setting. Pondering these security issues can rob one of their internet freedom! I personally thought that the NSA had access to read all of our texts. At any point, I thought, they can tap into anyone’s cell phone and listen to our conversations. I learned that they need a warrant to tap into someones telephone. They can check receipt of text messages, what number texted what number at what location and time. But they do not physically read our content. This is a huge relief. I have nothing to hide, but I would like to keep my personal conversations between that person and me. We were taught many ways of blocking our internet researches. AdBlock Plus, DoNotTrackMe and Disconnect are a few of these websites that work to keep our internet information private. We were also taught easy ways to make sure our accounts do not get hacked into. Password Schemas are lifesavers. I did not realize how easily people’s pages can get hacked into. Although the subjects we discussed in this class made me slightly uncomfortable, I learned many valuable internet lessons.

Topical Post 4 Unemployment

It damned difficult to get a job around these here parts. I briefly worked as a security guard for EOG. That job is a sanity test, they pay minimum wage to stand in one spot for 12 hours and do nothing. I briefly worked for Jimmy Johns but they sucked! When i worked for the one in Birmingham, I was averaging $75 a shift in tips. At the one in Mobile I averaged less than $10 in tip money every shift. I would go one two or three deliveries a shift. The absolute most money I ever made at the JJ in mobile was $23. The worst shift I ever had at the JJ in Birmingham I still made $37 in tips, and that was my first shift ever as a delivery driver so they took it way easy on me that night. I have worked for four years as a stage hand in Birmingham. I love building stages and setting up events, music is my passion so naturally I enjoy being in concert atmosphere. I did my research and found a union chapter down here and have contacted them multiple times. The manager isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. Talking to him on the phone was like talking to a llama through a soup can. He wasn’t intelligent enough to hold basic conversations. Someone please send me some love, I need a job immediately!

Topical Post 3 Jagtrans

Jagtrans are great. I love public transportation. I don’t understand why anyone at Campus Quarters drives to campus. Even worse, people that already live on campus drive to class. Every class I attend, unless it is raining, I get there via Jagtran Yellow Route. Sure I have to leave 45 minutes before each class starts to make sure I am at the bus stop on time, but it is worth it. I have to wait up to 20 minutes for the bus sometimes, but at least I’m saving money! My car is a tank when it comes to gas mileage. I would rather walk to campus then have to drive. Walking takes up more time, but it is 50 times more peaceful. The 25 minute walk beats the eight minute car ride.

Reflection 4


On Tuesday, we discussed I enjoyed this sight, I am hoping to create some pretty cool animations on my webpage. I am not savvy with designs, so this is a helpful site. We also learned about Thinking about the final project makes me anxious. I have not even started on it to be brutally honest. Running away from it is not solving anything. I need to chose a quickly approaching day to where I can devote all of my time to my website.

I know what to write about, I just can not decide which approach I need to take. Taking a professional route seems like I will be pretty limited with the information I have. I do not have any work experience in Public Relations. I am studying it yes, but I do not have anything to put on a resume regarding it. This is why I am considering making the aim on my interests and hobbies.

On Thursday, we witnessed some good presentations. Xbox live was one of those presentations. It freaked me out that the Xbox has a camera that watches you play. Apparently the camera never turns off. Another presentation was on iTunes. I use iTunes but was unaware of many of the new features, like iTunes Radio. Spotify was the subject of another presenter. I have my friends spotify account, so I get to use it for free!

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